Wednesday, July 2, 2014

E-Activity-Copyright MCQs

In a public university teachers who teaches single course are required to create a book manual for their students. After creating the book it will distributed to university students every single semester as long the course are offered. The manual is also being updated from time to time if needed. Names of the teachers are written as authors of the book manual.
Now the teacher was resigned from the public university and was accepted from private university on the same country and teaches the same course. As an educator, you have all the archives of all the resources you've been using in your teaching to be used as your future references.
Answer the following questions by choosing the correct one from the options provided each.
1.    Is the teacher allows to reprint the book manual to his new job?
A.    YES – The book manual has been printed intended for the students from the previous university
B.    NO – Reprinting of any printed materials are copyrighted

2.    What the teacher can do in order not to violate any copyright issues from using the book manual to his new university?

A.    Reprint the book and distribute it to his students
B.    Use the book manual as his reference in creating his new materials
C.    Update the book and reprint

Answer: Since the  teacher is one of the authors of the book he might use the book as his reference and create a new manual intended for his new students. Take note that the book created in his previous university has been created for their students only and not outside the university unless it was intended and with permission of the previous university.

2nd Learning Reflection

In the digital world, digital learning is an effective way of gathering ideas. There plenty of information and ideas around the web and sometimes we cannot avoid to reuse them since we can easily find them. The OER are being use already as we live in the digital world which open around us. This is just a matter of how we follow the standards. In the digital world we can easily replicate knowledge.

I clearly understand the definition and benefits of OER in this chapter which it is more accessible, affordable and more efficient to many learners.

As an educator I want to learn more the concept of deploying OER in public in its architecture and design and implementation.

And lastly, the awareness of the public regarding OER is very important. Not so much information dissemination specially to educators, researchers and learners.



Sunday, June 29, 2014

1st Learning Reflection

It's been years that I did not open my blogsite but because of registering to this course #OCL4Ed I was motivated to go back and start again to write my blogs.

By learning into this course I was able to refresh my duty as an educator. Actually as a learner to this course my only purpose is to learn the technologies of Open Education  Resource but eventually it turned into different since this course feed me a lot not only of what I needed for my future research work. I was happy that some of the participants in this course was able to comment and respond to my post in the microblog and blogs as well I responded also and discussed to them some issues and topics from the course.

In this course I was able to learn more about OER aside from what I have known in the past. My ability to design in the future has expanded. Access to education is a human right and by considering by UNESCO to exercise our human rights I've learnt that OER is the best way to share knowledge for all learners in the world to practice their human rights as learners. I do believe that many of the institutions specially private universities restrict information with regards to access to learning. MOOCC and OER was great new technology invention to have all of this rights.

Yes, I am an educator and I do practice my profession as a noble one. It's my passion and my profession. I practice this in almost 15 years and I do believe that I will be in this job for the rest of my life. "Sharing is giving, and giving is happiness and fulfillment". So if this the real meaning of being a teacher so we should share and give unconditionally of what we have.

As an educator we can help spread this way on how learners practice human rights learn, share, and give.



Monday, June 23, 2014

Freedom of Learning

The freedom of learning in education is the freedom of access. We are free society specially in this generation we are runned by the technology. Free access of information but somehow there is a restriction but you can do a lot more in the Internet. I am an IT professional so I pointed out by his statement from the video that we can freely access information because there are free open source software, free access of information.
MOOC is a one of the basic example of freedom to learn. There are plenty of providers from different organzation and universities offerring different courses. Another example is the University people who provide degrees to unfortunate people that educators can give they free service to them.
The main issue that will arise here if how the learners will evangelize their freedom to learn freely to education.

OCL4EdTeacher- A Vocation or a Profession?

I was in this profesion almost 15 years which I molded many people to become a better professional. In the begiining it's not easy to accept that teaching is your vocation because all we wanted why we go to school to earn a degree is to become a professional to earn a living.

Teaching is a profession, why, because we teach and earn to have a good life. Why we need to take higher degrees just because we wanted to be promoted to get a higher salaries. But deep within if you are going to analyze as we take this opportunity to become a teacher this becoming already as a vocation. We teach and we share knowlege to everyone. We learn from the real world inorder to have a new knowledge to our students. Our vocation as a teacher is to do good and share our knowledge to our clients.

In the beginning I did't choose to become an educator, it's a call of the nature. I was not a graduate an education degree but anyone can be a teacher as long as you have the passion for it. I was a able to stay long in this area because I was happy ever since.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hi Guys!

I am Sherwin Alejandro from Philippines currently working here in the Sultanate of Oman.

I've been using blog long time ago way back 2005 but because of emerging technologies in social mesia like tiwtter, facebook and youtube i really forgotten to go back into this kind of edia. I still remember this was blogspot before.

By using this technology I hope I may continue and pursue this course to gain more knowledge in OER.

A little bit hard for me to start all over again blogging though since I am a tech person ang been using social media sites before. There is just  need of familiarization again of the environment.

I hope I can be a good writer in order for me to mantain this blog. For future learners focus is really important in learning. Set your goals and undersdtand the goal of the course. Time  management is also an important factor so you may continue and finish the course.

Keep it up guys!