Sunday, June 29, 2014

1st Learning Reflection

It's been years that I did not open my blogsite but because of registering to this course #OCL4Ed I was motivated to go back and start again to write my blogs.

By learning into this course I was able to refresh my duty as an educator. Actually as a learner to this course my only purpose is to learn the technologies of Open Education  Resource but eventually it turned into different since this course feed me a lot not only of what I needed for my future research work. I was happy that some of the participants in this course was able to comment and respond to my post in the microblog and blogs as well I responded also and discussed to them some issues and topics from the course.

In this course I was able to learn more about OER aside from what I have known in the past. My ability to design in the future has expanded. Access to education is a human right and by considering by UNESCO to exercise our human rights I've learnt that OER is the best way to share knowledge for all learners in the world to practice their human rights as learners. I do believe that many of the institutions specially private universities restrict information with regards to access to learning. MOOCC and OER was great new technology invention to have all of this rights.

Yes, I am an educator and I do practice my profession as a noble one. It's my passion and my profession. I practice this in almost 15 years and I do believe that I will be in this job for the rest of my life. "Sharing is giving, and giving is happiness and fulfillment". So if this the real meaning of being a teacher so we should share and give unconditionally of what we have.

As an educator we can help spread this way on how learners practice human rights learn, share, and give.



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