Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hi Guys!

I am Sherwin Alejandro from Philippines currently working here in the Sultanate of Oman.

I've been using blog long time ago way back 2005 but because of emerging technologies in social mesia like tiwtter, facebook and youtube i really forgotten to go back into this kind of edia. I still remember this was blogspot before.

By using this technology I hope I may continue and pursue this course to gain more knowledge in OER.

A little bit hard for me to start all over again blogging though since I am a tech person ang been using social media sites before. There is just  need of familiarization again of the environment.

I hope I can be a good writer in order for me to mantain this blog. For future learners focus is really important in learning. Set your goals and undersdtand the goal of the course. Time  management is also an important factor so you may continue and finish the course.

Keep it up guys!


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  1. Hi Sherwin

    Pleased to meet you! Good advice on how to succeed in an open online course. A minor point, remember to add the "OCL4Ed" tag as a label in blogger so that your post will be harvested for the feed. Check out the FAQ page for more info on how to do this. See: