Monday, June 23, 2014

OCL4EdTeacher- A Vocation or a Profession?

I was in this profesion almost 15 years which I molded many people to become a better professional. In the begiining it's not easy to accept that teaching is your vocation because all we wanted why we go to school to earn a degree is to become a professional to earn a living.

Teaching is a profession, why, because we teach and earn to have a good life. Why we need to take higher degrees just because we wanted to be promoted to get a higher salaries. But deep within if you are going to analyze as we take this opportunity to become a teacher this becoming already as a vocation. We teach and we share knowlege to everyone. We learn from the real world inorder to have a new knowledge to our students. Our vocation as a teacher is to do good and share our knowledge to our clients.

In the beginning I did't choose to become an educator, it's a call of the nature. I was not a graduate an education degree but anyone can be a teacher as long as you have the passion for it. I was a able to stay long in this area because I was happy ever since.

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